Cryptocurrencies in all Aspects

Cryptocurrencies in all Aspects

By Editor(s) Fatih AYHAN & Burak DARICI

Cryptocurrencies and digital coins have evolved quite rapidly and have become a tool with significant impacts on economic decisions in a short time. This book covers deep theoretical and empirical researches from different perspectives upon cryptocurrencies by successful and expert researchers in their fields. It contains theoretical and empirical analyses on cryptocurrency. The contributors discuss the historical background of money and cryptocurrency, its future prospects and its effects in the financial system. Furthermore, they examine regulations on crypto coins, the effects of central banks on monetary policies, business control processes of Blockchain technologies, continuous control, taxation and the empirical applications about it.


List of Contributors

Kaan Masatci and Assoc. Prof. Hasan Murat Ertugrul
History of Money and Cryptocurrencies

Dr. Gizay Daver and Dr. Mesut Yucesan
Electronic Money: Its Future and Place in the International Financial System

Dr. Fulya Gebesoglu and Dr. Fatih Ayhan
Regulatory Aspects of Cryptocurrencies

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Emre Biber
Cryptocurrencies and Their Global Impacts in Terms of International Financial Power

Dr. Asli Guler
Impacts of Cryptocurrencies on the Future of Central Banking and Monetary Policies

Assoc. Prof. Sezer Bozkus Kahyaoglu
An Analysis on the Implementation of New Approaches and Techniques in the Auditing of Business Processes Based on Blockchain Technologies

Dr. Filiz Yuksel
Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Continuous Auditing

Dr. Nazlı Karamollaoglu and Dr. Berna Tuncay
New Money: Central Bank Digital Currencies


Assoc. Prof. Inci Parlaktuna and Specialist Murat Gungul
Taxation Problem of Bitcoin: Regulations in Turkey and Other Countries

Dr. Serpil (Gumustekin) Aydin and Ayhan Aydin
Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

Nurbanu Bursa
Visualization of Relationships Between Conventional Investment Instruments and Cryptocurrencies

Gamze Kargin Akkoc and Dr. Ugur Akkoc
Does Bitcoin Act as a Hedge: Evidence from Turkey

Dr. Hasim Bagci and Dr. Meltem Keskin Koylu
Cryptocurrency: Determining the Correlation Between Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Gold Prices

Nurbanu Bursa
Investigating the Day-of-the-Week Effect on Bitcoin Returns

About Editor(s)

Burak Darici and Fatih Ayhan are working as academicians in economics at Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University, Turkey. They have many different studies in several areas. Their experiences are focused on especially monetary policy, labour market, financial markets and international economics.

ISBN: 978-3-631-78387-0

Subjects: Law, Economics and Management


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February 27th, 2019

Length: xi + 211 pages


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Fatih AYHAN (Chapter 1)
Burak DARICI (Chapter 2)