Environment & Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Edited By Celil Aydin and Burak Darici

The fact that environmental issues, which cause a significant externality within global goods, have gained a global dimension, necessitated more concrete steps for challenging with environmental issues. At this point, efforts to reduce environmental issues and protect the environment have been on the axis of sustainability. This book contains theoretical and empirical researches written by academicians and researches in the field of environment and sustainability. In the contributions, the macro dimensions of environmental pollution such as economic growth, health sector and technological development are examined. In addition to these, the contributors deal with micro dimensions such as consumption, marketing, accounting and firm behavior both in theory and empirically.



Chapter 1

The Effect of Environment on Marketing: Sustainable Marketing

Chapter 2

Anti-Consumption for Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 3

The Green Brand Equity in terms of Environment and Sustainability

Chapter 4

The Relationship between Environmental and Socio-Demographic Factors that Affect Consumers’ Demand for Goods

Chapter 5

Environment and Healthcare Sector: Current Debates on Sustainability

Chapter 6

Impacts of Technological Developments on the Environment and Agriculture


Chapter 7

An Outlook on Companies’ Environmental Activities in terms of Corporate Governance

Chapter 8

Environmental Accounting

Chapter 9

Evolution of Environmental Reporting: The Example of Turkey

Chapter 10

Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation in Turkey

Chapter 11

Environmental Catastrophes and Deep Uncertainties Surrounding the Economics of Climate Change

Chapter 12

The Correlation between Environmental Pollution and Economic Growth: Validity Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve According to the Panel Data Method

Chapter 13

Investigating the Validity of the EKC Hypothesis in Eurasian Countries: The Role of Financial Development

Chapter 14

Economic Growth and Ecological Footprint: Reconsidering the Empirical Basis of Environmental Kuznets Curves

About Editor(s)

Celil Aydin and Burak Darici are working as academicians in Department of Economics at Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University, Turkey. They have many different studies in several areas. Their experiences are focused on especially monetary policy, labour market, financial markets and international economics.

Subjects: Law, Economics and Management
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February 27th, 2019

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