Dynamic Optics in Economics: Quantitative, Experimental and Econometric Analyses

Dynamic Optics in Economics: Quantitative, Experimental and Econometric Analyses


To model the real world truthfully and to foresee an unrealized event are very difficult but crucial tasks. Particularly for the decision-making of an economic agent, no matter if it is a person, household, firm or government, these predictions are a useful guidance. At this point, we see the importance of dynamic analyses in economics due to their realistic ability to model for the decision makers, both in micro and macro levels.

Within this framework, the aim of this book is to bring theoretical and applied studies that examine the microeconomic and macroeconomic problems from a dynamic perspective. In this context we plan our book to be divided in two sections. In the first section we attempt to include studies with theoretical bases and in the second section to contain applied studies. Yet our target is to enlighten the readers and respective economic agents, and to make contribution to the literature.

Main Themes of the Book Project

  • Model Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Game Theoretic Approach
  • Economic Experiments
  • Econometric Modelling
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Panel Data Analysis
  • Estimating
  • Forecasting
  • Programming
  • Numerical Analysis

Recommended Topics for Applications

  • Consumer Behavior and Prices
  • Firm Behavior
  • Market Structure/Behaviour (Real and Financial Markets)
  • Welfare
  • Economic Policy
  • Growth Models
  • Development Models
  • Employment Models


The target audience of this book are academics, scholars and researchers who are interested in the quantitative, experimental and econometric analyses and are willing to enrich their knowledge in the field.

The proposals and chapter manuscripts chosen by the editor will be forwarded to the double-blind review process, then if required translation, proofreading, editorial and publishing phases will be completed.

This book project is carried out by the editor, apart from the publisher.