Happiness Economics

Happiness Economics: If Happiness Is So Important, Why Do We Know So Little About It?


Recently, happiness economics has become a subject of interest for researchers and policymakers as a criterion of economic welfare. The revelation of the factors that improve individuals’ happiness levels and the determination of suitable policy recommendations in this direction have encouraged new research in the field of economics. In this context, the book titled “Happiness Economics: If Happiness Is So Important, Why Do We Know So Little About It?” will aim to analyze happiness as an economic measurement originating from the particularly recent dissatisfaction towards the sense of welfare in economics.


Happiness economics, which is a sub-branch of behavioral economics that emerged as a result of the criticism towards neoclassical economics, is a field that researches the extent and nature of the impact of economic factors on happiness. It aims to introduce policies towards improving individuals’ happiness and research the objective and subjective parameters that affect the happiness and satisfaction levels of individuals. In this direction, this book aims to reveal the factors affecting individuals’ happiness and satisfaction on a micro and macroeconomic level. Additionally, it is also aimed to integrate results obtained from various fields such as political science, public finance and social policy in conjunction with various socio-demographic factors such as age, gender and educational background.

Main Themes of The Book Project

Happiness Research and Economic Theory

Paradoxes of Happiness in Economics

What Makes People Happy?

Income, Economic Development and Happiness

Unemployment and Happiness

Inflation and Happiness

Inequality and Happiness

Consumption and Happiness

Management and Happiness

Life Expectancy and Happiness

Social Security, Social Policies and Happiness

Public Revenues, Public Expenditure, Taxation and Happiness

Financial Security, Financial Markets and Happiness

Democracy and Happiness

Sustainability and Happiness

Political Institutions and Happiness

Socio-Demographic Factors and Happiness

Happiness Policies

The Effects of Happiness