Service Sectors’ Role for Economic Development at Local and National Level







The developments in the fields of industry and technology after World War II. caused the lifestyles of consumers to change. Improvements in people's living standards, along with the development of trade relations between countries, paved the way for the increasing importance of service sectors in national economies. In today's developed economies, service sector constitutes a large proportion of the country's GDP. As of 2016, the contribution of the service sector to the national income in Turkey is 67.8%, while this rate is 79.5% in the USA, 80% in the United Kingdom and 71.3% in Japan. According to Fortune's 2015 research of the 50 fastest-growing companies, more than 30 of the 50 fastest growing companies are in service sector (Koç, 2017; 21). Therefore, service sector has significant effects on the development of the local and national economies.

The upcoming book which was titled “Service Sectors’ Role for Economic Development at Local and National Level” will try to make an effort on consolidating interdisciplinary research related to service sectors and its effects on local and national economies. In this context it is aimed to include the studies carried out by scientists under the themes of service industries and economic development, service industries and social development, new trends in service industries.


Recommended Topics


  • Contribution of Service Sectors to Local/National Economy
  • Future Perspectives on Service Sectors
  • General Evaluations Regarding Service Sectors
  • Evaluation of Services in Terms of Sub-sectors
  1. Financial services (Banking, Insurance, Intermediary Institutions, etc.)
  2. Tourism and Travel Services
  3. Health and Social Services
  4. Entertainment, Culture and Sports Services
  5. Transportation-Distribution Services
  6. Other Service Sectors
  7. The Place and Importance of Service Sectors in International Competition




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