#Trending Topics on Social Media Researches



The upcoming book which was titled “#Trending Topics On Social Media Researches” will try to make an effort on consolidating interdisciplinary researches related or via Social Networks. Social Networks in nowadays contain the most important data source currently available to researchers from many different disciplines. Unlike traditional research methods, researchers can easily access large data sources thanks to constantly updated and up-to-date social media platforms. On the other hand, social media platforms are the focus of direct researches. In this book, it is aimed to contribute to the literature through multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, preferably empirical researches directed towards social media applications or via social networks.


In our book, #Trending Topics On Social Media Researches, it is aimed to examine the Social Media ecosystem under four main themes for all segments from society. In this context, it is aimed to include the studies carried out by scientists under the themes of Social Media and Changing Perspectives of Society, Multifaceted Interaction of Economy and Social Media, Social Media in Public Order and Administration, International Relations, Social Media and Business Management.

The invention of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram has single handily changed society and altered visions for social movements. Roughly, 70% of people will be on mobile devices or will be clutching one as if it was a newborn child, leading experts to have serious concerns about the overall effect that Facebook and other social media platforms are having on our lives besides positive aspects. As today’s people from different countries spends up to nearly nine hours per day online, social media has proven to be the most effective way for businesses to reach new audiences on a global scale. Social media is also helping to fuel the global economy by creating new jobs, democratizing information and pushing brands far beyond their borders. That’s really appreciatory to address these topics and subtopics in a book which is directly about social media ecosystem researches from different disciplines

As a result, the purpose of our book is to bring together the studies of academicians and researchers who are doing their bests in field and gain a multi-disciplinary book related to trending topics about social media researches. Yet we aim to enlighten the readers and make a recommendation for policymakers to reduce these issues and suggest some projections.

QUESTION: How do we as a scientists interpret and understand that how Social Media and Networks shapes the community from the perspective of  different disciplines?

Recommended Topics

Main Challenges/ General Topics

  1. Social Media and Future Perspectives of Society
  2. Various Aspects of Social Media in Economics
  3. How to scrutinize Social Media in Public Administration and International Relations
  4. How does Social Media reshape Business?

 Main Themes

  • Basics (Conceptual Researches)
    1. Social Network Concept
    2. History & Future of Social Networks
    3. Social Media & Information-Disinformation
    4. Pros & Cons of Social Media
  • Social Media – Individuals and Society
    1. Influence of Social Media to Individuals, Family and Society
    2. Social Media & Public Health
    3. Social Media & Disadvantageous Groups
    4. Social Media & Social Aid
    5. The Role of Social Networks in Violence and Addiction
    6. Social Networks effects on education among children and youth
    7. Social Media’s Influence on Children and Adolescences Behavior
    8. Gender Studies Related to Social Media
    9. Cultural Studies Related to Social Media
    10. Phenomenon Issue on Social Media
    11. (Author’s additional suggestions will be evaluated.)
  • Social Networks and Economics
    1. The Role of Social Media for Start-Ups
    2. The Role of Social Media in Employment
    3. Changing factors of work life by Social Media
    4. Social Media Impacts on Emerging Markets
    5. Outcoming sectors supported by Social Media
    6. Social Media Financing
    7. Social Commerce
    8. (Author’s additional suggestions will be evaluated.)
  • Social Media – Politics & Law
    1. Political Influence on Social Media
    2. Strategies for Social Media Campaigns on Politics
    3. Democracy, Expression, & Social Media.
    4. International Relations & Social Media
    5. Security, Terrorism & Social Media
    6. The Roles of Social Media in Social Movements
    7. Social Media Legal Regulations
    8. Social Media & Ethics
    9. Social Media & Privacy
    10. Social Media & Data Protection
    11. Migration Movements through Social Media
    12. Social Media in Governance
    13. Social Media and Local Goverments
    14. (Author’s additional suggestions will be evaluated.)
  • Social Networks and Business Management
    1. Social Networks: Platform for Running or Developing a Business
    2. Crisis & Emergency Management and Social Media
    3. Social media & Emergency management
    4. Strategic Social Media Management
    5. Social Media and Organizational Culture
    6. (Author’s additional suggestions will be evaluated.)
  • Social Media in Marketing
    1. The Influence of Social Media on Consumer Behavior
    2. Social Media and Brand Perception
    3. (Author’s additional suggestions will be evaluated.)
  • Social Media & Education
    1. New methods on Education with the help of Education
    2. Impacts of Social Media to Students, Teacher in various levels.
    3. (Author’s additional suggestions will be evaluated.)


Academics, Scholars, and experts from all disciplines who are willing to make deep researches on social media and networks will find in this book a useful guide to the present, future and possible perspectives of Social Media and Social Network Platforms on various disciplines

The proposals and Chapter Manuscripts chosen by the editorial team will be forwarded to the double-blind review process, then if required Translation, Proofreading, Editorial and Publishing Phases will be completed.

This book project is carried out by the editors, apart from the publisher.


Ufuk BİNGÖL (Ph.D.)

Asst. Prof. @ Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University

Saad Ullah KHAN (Ph.D.)

Asst. Prof. @ School of Media and Communication
Manipal University Jaipur