Evolution of Money, Banking and Financial Crisis: History, Theory, Policy



The book titled “Evolution of Money, Banking and Financial Crisis: Evolution, Theory, Policy” will focus primarily on the historical development of money, the change of the banking sector and global financial crises. The money that starts with the exchange and becomes Digital; Historical change in banking system and its relationship with policy makers; global financial crises, balloons and speculations and policies for the emergence and prevention of them will be studied in detail in the book. 


The object of the upcoming book titled as “Evolution of Money, Banking And Financial Crisis: History, Theory, Policy” is to evaluate It will be ensured that people who take this work will be able to look at events from different windows about the money, financial crises, causes and prevention methods, the historical transformation of the banking sector and the relations between the entire financial system and policy makers and their current issues. 


Recommended Topics 

Main Challenges/ General Topics

Money and the Payments System 

History of Money: From Barter to Crypto Money

Money, Banking, Finance and Economic Policies

Financial System, Financial Markets and Institutions

Financial System and Its Elements as a Public Property

Modern Monetary Policy and the Challenges Facing Central Bankers 

Types of Crisis

Financial Crises with Legal Dimensions

Financial Crisis Models

Reasons of Financial Crisis

Major Financial Crisis

Banking Crises and Early Warning Systems

Financial Speculation History

Herd Behaviour

The Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates

Derivatives and Derivative Markets

Derivatives: Futures, Options, and Swaps

Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Policy

Currency Crisis, Banking Crises, Money Crises, Debt Crises

Digitalization and Banking System

Failures of Financial Markets

I., II. and III. Generation Crises and Aftermath

Audit and Regulation Processes in Financial System

Financial Stability and Fiscal Stability 

Main Themes

Industry 4.0 and Financial System

Artificial intelligence and Banking System

The Evolution of Banking

Major Financial Crisis

History of Financial Crisis

Great Depression

History of Banking

Central Banks

The Fragile Countries Economic Systems

Problems in the Financial System

Monetary transmission channels

Causes of Inflation

Investment Opportunities

Determination of Interest Rate

Gold: Real Money

Pricing Bubbles and Volatility

Financial Misconceptions

Speculations and Bubbles

Financial Crisis Contagion

Currency Crisis in Emerging Countries

Early Warning Systems



Academics, Scholars, experts of Economy, Finance and Banking Sector In the book, you will find a useful guide for academics, students, practitioners and those interested in all aspects of the economy, the history, present, future and possible situation of Money, Banking, Financial Crisis.