Immigration Policy Studies

Immigration Policy Studies

Theoretical and Empirical Migration Researches

Edited By Ufuk Bingöl

The migration movement, which has taken place since the beginning of the story of mankind, increasingly continues voluntarily or compulsorily for various reasons such as social challenges, technological revolutions and wars. Due to migration, many new questions emerge depending on these issues. Researchers from many different disciplines are looking for answers to these questions arising from migration movements. This book covers deep researches from different perspectives and disciplines upon migration by successful and expert researchers in their field. In this book, different and rigorous analyses of all areas influenced by migration are carried out and various dimensions of immigration studies are shown.



Section 1 Policy & Conceptual Researches on Migration

Chapter 1

What is Required of a Welfare State?: A Comparison of the Migration Policies Employed in Both Turkey and Europe with Regard to Syrian Refugees

Chapter 2

Migration Management and Municipalities in the Context of Urban Refugees: Legal and Administrative Approach

Chapter 3

The Right to Work of Workers under Temporary Protection Status in Turkey

Chapter 4

International Migration and Immigrants: An Evaluation in the Context of the New Security Concept

Chapter 5

The Effects of Transboundary Movements on Security and Stability

Section 2 Economic Researches on Migration

Chapter 6

Refugees in the Turkish Labor Market: Legal and Economic Analysis

Chapter 7

The Economic Reflections on the Homeland of the Reverse Brain Drain Tendency in Turkish Scientific Diaspora

Chapter 8

Migration: Employment, Productivity and Openness

Section 3 Health Researches on Migration 

Chapter 9

Migration and Adaptation

Chapter 10

Immigrants and Health

 Section 4 Urban, Educational & Cultural Researches on Migration 

Chapter 11

Migration and Urban Space: The Distribution of Syrian Asylum Seekers in the Space

Chapter 12

“Who is Who According to Whom?”: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Teachers Candidates’ Attitudes Towards Refugees and Their Understandings of Multiculturalism from Different Perspectives

Chapter 13

The Journeys of Afghan Immigrants and the Relationship among Immigrants

 Section 5 Regional Researches on Migration 

Chapter 14

Turkish Migration Policies in the Context of Syrian Refugees through from the Turkish Citizens’ Perspective: The Case of Konya

Chapter 15

Measuring Attitudes Towards Migrants: The Case of Bandirma

Chapter 16

A Study on the Integration Process of Syrians Who Emigrated to Aydın Province after 2011

Chapter 17

Factors Affecting Households’ Internal Migration Intention in Muş Province, Turkey: An Ordered Discrete Choice Modeling Approach

Chapter 18

The Effect of Geopolitical Factors on Migration and Settlement Geography: The Case of Sakarya

About Editor

Ufuk Bingöl is assistant professor at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey. His main interests are qualitative data analysis on policy debates on social networks, economics and social sciences.

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Subjects: Law, Economics and Management
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October 27th, 2019

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