New Approaches in Health Sciences

New Approaches in Health Sciences New Methods and Developments in Health Sciences

By Gökhan ABA

As a result of scientific and technological developments that have been experienced within the last twenty years, the increase of the global welfare level, the improvement of communication technologies, the development of new diagnosis and treatment methods, and developments in the pharmaceutical industry and the increased use of high-tech devices have been seen; the average globallevel life expectancy has exceeded 70. It is estimated to increase to 80 in 2050. A long and healthy life brings along certain problems. Together with the increase of elderly population, there has been an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, need for qualified medical personnel and financial burden on the health system. As a result of new developments in health sciences, care services have become even more important. New methods, new approaches and advanced technologies have been used for patients to access less-costly and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services in a shorter time. This book, which includes new approaches in health sciences, has been written by successful and expert researchers who work in different health disciplines of health sciences. The book consists of four sections. The first section includes recent developments in the area of nursing and midwifery. These developments are homeopathy in women’s health, aromatherapy and other complementary and alternative medicine applications, complementary and alternative medicine applications in infertility, cognitive behavioral therapy in psychiatric nursing, current approaches in childbirth education, integrative pain management and telehealth practices in post-operative home care of elderly. The second section includes new developments and approaches in medicine. In addition to this, the place of robotic surgery in otorhinolaryngologic surgery, anti-mullerian hormone as a new indicator in determining the ovary reserve and new approaches in fetal aneuploidy scan are other topics in this section. The third section includes four chapters with new developments in health management. These chapters include doctor shopping as a new tendency of consumer behavior in healthcare services, innovation in the health sector and new health occupations that will direct health in the future. Finally, the fourth section includes developments in other health sciences. Telerehabilitation, basic body awareness therapy, new approaches in pharmacy and audiology are the topic titles in this section. I would like to thank all the authors and reviewers who are experts in their field for their devotion and diligence and hope to help our readers. I also offer our endless gratitude to the families and children who are the source of the motivation for our authors with their patience and support during the conduct of these valuable works.



Section 1: New Approaches in Nursing and Midwifery

Chapter 1

Women’s Health and Homeopathy

Chapter 2

A Current Approach in Psychiatric Nursing: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Chapter 3

Tele-Health Practices in Postoperative Home Care of Elderly

Chapter 4

An Approach in Women’s Health: Aromatherapy

Chapter 5

The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Applications in Women’s Health

Chapter 6

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Applications in Infertility

Chapter 7

Methods Used in Childbirth Education and Current Approaches

Chapter 8

Current Approaches in Pain Management for Children and Adults: Integrative Pain Management

Section 2: New Approaches in Medicine

Chapter 9

New Approaches in Medicine

Chapter 10

Robotic Surgery from Past to Future and Its Applications in Otorhinolaryngologic Surgery

Chapter 11

A New Reagent in Determining Ovarian Reserve: Antimullerian Hormone (AMH)

Chapter 12

New Approaches in Fetal Aneuploidy Scan

Section 3: New Approaches in Healthcare Management

Chapter 13

A Consumer Behavior Tendency in Healthcare Services: “Doctor Shopping”

Chapter 14

Innovation in Health Sector: The Use of IoT and Its Reflections on Efficiency

Chapter 15

The Health Professions of the Future

Chapter 16

Protection of Personal Rights in Healthcare Sector: The Right to Make Choices and the Right to Privacy

Section 4: New Approaches in Other Health Sciences

Chapter 17: Telerehabilitation

Chapter 18

Basic Body Awareness Therapy (B-BAT)

Chapter 19

New Generation Pharmacy

Chapter 20

New Approaches in Audiology

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Gökhan Aba graduated from Hacettepe University, School of Health Administration in 2005. He earned master’s degree at Akdeniz University in 2009 and PhD degree at Marmara University in 2014. Aba is working as an academician in Healthcare Management at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey. He primarily focuses on the healthcare management, health politicspolicies, health planning, healthcare services and health systems.

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October 27th, 2019

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