New Trends in Banking and Finance

New Trends in Banking and Finance

By Editor(s) Çağatay BAŞARIR & Burak DARICI& H. Murat ERTUĞRUL

Finance is the root of the economic systems. Positive or negative developments in the financial sector directly affect the economy of the countries. One of the fundamental components of the financial sector is the banking sector. Financial markets, which are one of the basic elements of national economies and the banking sector, form the basis of all world economies directly or indirectly. For this purpose, current affairs in both financial markets and banking sector are analysed by academicians and practitioners in different point of views.



Chapter 1
Systemic Risk, Causes and Precautions

Chapter 2
Implications for a Macro Prudential Policy Framework: Systemic Risk and Shadow Banking Operations in Insurance Sector

Chapter 3
A Historical Analysis on the Recycling of Petrodollars

Chapter 4
The Reaction of the Bank of England to the US Dollar Exchange Rate

Chapter 5
Analyzing the Relationship between Cryptocurrencies and Exchange Rates

Chapter 6
Global Trends in Liquidity Creation: The Role of the Off-Balance Sheet

Chapter 7
Green Banking in Turkey

Chapter 8
The Relationship Marketing Approach to Creating Competitive Advantage in the Banking Sector

Chapter 9
Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Non-Performing Loans in the Turkish Banking Sector

Chapter 10
Analyzing the Relationship between the Valuation Method Used within the Scope of TFRS-9 Financial Instruments Profitability and Capital Structure of the Turkish Banking Sector

Chapter 11
The Market Structure of the Turkish Banking Sector That Changed with the Crisis in 2001: Merger and Acquisition Effect

Chapter 12
The Relationship between the Real Sector Confidence Index and Financial Indicators

Chapter 13
The Effects of Financial Development on the Real Sector in Turkish Economy

Chapter 14
Examining the Relationship between Market Information and Buy-Sell Decisions by PIN Values

Chapter 15
Generalized Autoregressive Score (Gas) Model: An Applied Analysis on the BIST 100 Index

Chapter 16
The Effect of Basel Accords on Economic Value Added and Market Value Added

About Editor(s)

Çağatay Başarir works as an academician in Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University, International Trade and Logistics Department. His academic publications include studies on financial markets, stock exchange markets, commodity markets and precious metals in the field of time series analyses, multi criteria decision analysis and performance measurement. He teaches financial management, financial analysis, financial markets, international finance and portfolio management lessons in both graduate and undergraduate degree courses.

Burak Darici works as an academician in Economics at Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University, Turkey. He has published in several areas. He focuses especially on monetary policy, labour market, financial markets and international economics.

Hasan Murat Ertuğrul works as Senior Treasury Expert at Ministry of Treasury and Finance. His academic publications include applied macroeconomic modelling issues. His academic expertise areas cover applied modelling, forecasting and macroeconomics.



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February 27th, 2019

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