New Trends in Management Studies

New Trends in Management Studies


The information age is currently characterized by an acceleration in the production and consumption of information, which has a massive impact on social life. Thus, even in the social sciences, conventional approaches must be abandoned, and new ones developed. From an economic perspective, the contributors to this anthology deal with new trends in various areas of management philosophy. Particularly, the articles focus on human resources, marketing, finances and economics.


Emrah Koparan
1 A Way to Maintain Legitimacy: Greenwashing

Selcen Sari Aytekin
2 The Location of Social Capital in Corporate Sustainability Equation

Kemal Eroğluer
3 Corporate Ethics and Management of Diversity in the Framework
of Corporate Management

Eray Güner & Çağla Pınar Bozoklu
4 The Effects of Work Values on Organizational Cynicism Depending
on Generations

İlksun Didem Ülbeği
5 Work Engagement: A Meta-Analysis Study

Oğuz Diker
6 Effective Leadership Types and Balanced Leadership

Nilüfer Yörük Karakiliç
7 Impacts of Leadership Styles on Organizational Performance

Bülent Arpat
8 Employees’ Participation in Occupational Health and SafetyPractices from Manager Perspective: Example of Metal Industry in Denizli (Turkey)

Tutku Eker Işçioğlu
9 Repeat Online Grocery Buying Intention and Its Determinants –A Comprehensive Model Test
İpek Krom

10 Experiential Marketing and Online Consumer Engagement That
Carry Your Brand to the Future: Legoland Case

Yasemin Bozkurt
11 Entertainment 4.0: New Formats of Narrative Advertising in
Advertising Management

Ufuk Celik
12 Survival Analysis of a Bank Marketing Campaign

Seyed Alireza Athari & Dilber Çağlar Onbaşıoğlu
13 The Effects of Global Competitiveness and Risk on International
Tourism Inflows: The Case of Western European Countries

Seda Özekicioğlu
14 SMEs and Their Current Financial Problems: Turkey as Example

Şükrü Mert Karci
15 Management Controls, Accountability and Internal Audit in Public

Kasım Kiraci
16 Which Factors Affect Financial Profitability of Traditional Airlines?

Sabiha Annaç Göv
17 Green Airport Management Practices and Sustainability
Relationship in Turkey

Uğur Turhan
18 Operator Performance in Aviation Safety: Human Factors and

Gülsün Nakiboglu & İpek Özenir
19 Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing

Mustafa Göktuğ Kaya
20 New Paradigm of Inspection: Risk Analysis Focused Audit (An
Example Practice of Hidden Income Distribution through Transfer

Subjects: Law, Economics and Management
Date of Publication: 2019

Lenght: 326