Several Dimensions of Industry 4.0

Several Dimensions of Innovation, Technology and Industry 4.0
The Effects of Industry 4.0 Revolution on Several Areas

With the development of the industry, both social lives and economies have been significantly affected. Together with the Industry 4.0 revolution, significant changes have occurred in both the social life and the production process. As a result, different sectors are affected by this change. With this book, successful researches have been carried out by expert academics in a wide range of fields from finance to marketing and tourism to foreign trade, etc.


Part-1 Industry 4.0, Economics, Finance, Manufacturing and Globalization. Conceptual Framework of Industry 4.0

Ramazan Kaya
1.1 The Conceptual Framework of the Industry4.0 Revolution

Burçay Yaşar Akçalı
1.2 Industry 4.0 and Its Implications on theFinancial Sector

Özge Erdölek Kozal and R. Funda Barbaros
1.3 The Future of Manufacturing Industry in the 21st
Century: Industrial Robots

Umut Evlimoğlu
1.4 Via Industry 4.0 towards Globalization 4.0.

A. Gamze Aytekin and Sefer Uçak
1.5 TheRelationshipbetweenR&DandHigh-TechnologyExports
within Innovation Indicators: Panel Data Analysis

Altuğ Günar
1.6 CreativeDestruction,FourthIndustrialRevolutionandthe
European Union

Part-2 Industry 4.0, Business and Administration, Marketing and Tourism

Emel Faiz
2.1 Industry4.0 and Marketing

Yıldırım Yıldırım
2.2. Industry4.0,MarketingandValueTriplication

İsmail İyigün
2.3 CRM 4.0: Rethinking Customer Relationship Management

Ayşe Asiltürk
2.4 Is Human Resources Management Ready for Industry 4.0?An
Analysis on the New HumanResources Paradigm

Gamze Özoğul and Günseli Güçlütürk Baran
2.5 Crafting the Future: The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Tourism

Part-3 Industry 4.0, Logistics, Technology and Health

Ali Erhan Zalluhoğlu and Burcu Aracıoğlu
3.1 City Logistics in the Context of Smart Cities

Muhammet Arucu and Taner Kalayci
3.2 Industry 4.0: Role of the Semiconductor Industry

Serdal Keçeli
3.3 Industry 4.0 in Health Sciences from Past to Present in Terms of
Macro Perspective

Taner Kalayci and Muhammet Arucu
3.4 The Place of Nanotechnology in Industry 4.0.

About Editor(s)

Burak Darici and Fatih Ayhan are working as academicians in economics at Bandirma Onyedi Eylul University, Turkey. They have many different studies in several areas. Their experiences are focused on especially monetary policy, labour market, financial markets and international economics.

Date of Publication: 2019

Length: 270