Smaller World, Bigger Issues: Growth, Unemployment, Inequality and Powerty

Smaller World, Bigger Issues

Growth, Unemployment, Inequality and Poverty

Edited By Hale Kırer Silva Lecuna

Our world is becoming smaller day-by-day due to the effects of technological advances and improvements in transportation. On the other hand, in spite of this world’s apparent shrinkage, issues such as economic growth, unemployment, inequalities in several levels and poverty are getting bigger. The societies have struggled with these issues since their first existence, but nowadays there are no borders or limits to contain a certain problem inside a certain area. A disaster, shortage, conflict, bankruptcy, strikes, etc. in any region affects everyone worldwide in real time. This book includes various analyses of these global issues from different expert perspectives in order to enlighten the readers and make recommendations to policymakers.


SECTION 1: Growth and Development

Serçin Şahin
1. Product and Process Innovations, Market Structure and Economic
Growth: A Literature Review

Semanur Soyyiğit
2. China’s Neo-Mercantilist Policies and Growth Process

Begüm Erdil Şahin and Deniz Dilara Dereli
3. An Evaluation on Middle-Income Trap in Turkey

Sertaç Hopoğlu
4. Are Youth Labor, Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment
Effective in Economic Growth of Civets Countries? A Panel Causality

Tuncer Gövdeli
5. Tourism, Oil Prices and Economic Growth in the Mediterranean
Countries: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis

Habibe Günsel Doğrul, Mediha Mine Çelikkol, and İlhan Korkmaz
6. The Analysis of the Relationship Between Creative Class, Financial Development and Regional Innovativeness in Turkey

SECTION 2: Labor Markets and Unemployment

Umut Akduğan and Seyhun Doğan
7. Youth Unemployment: An Empirical Analysis

Mehmet Güçlü
8. Industrial Revolution and Labor Market

Kemal Eker, Görkem Bahtiyar, and Hasan Bakır
9. Systemic Policies Towards Attracting Skilled Labor: An
Investigation on Turkey

Işıl Alkan
10. The Gender Impact of Last Global Crisis on Labour Markets

Mehmet Kenan Terzioğlu
11. Poverty, Income Inequality, Unemployment and Human Capital in
the Democratization Process

Ufuk Bingöl
12. Employment Policy Goals in Turkish Government Programs in
Terms of Social Policies: Justice and Development Party Governments

SECTION 3: Inequality and Poverty

Ayşe Aylin Bayar, Bengi Yanık-İlhan, and Nebile Korucu-Gümüşoğlu
13. The Effects of Elders’ Earnings on Turkish Income Inequality

Mehmet Akif Destek
14. Liberalization, Globalization and Income Inequality in Emerging Economies

Kıymet Yavuzaslan
15. The Attitude of Income Inequality of Individuals: An Experimental Economic Approach

Mustafa Şit and Erdal Alancıoğlu
16. Macroeconomic Factors Determining Income Distribution: An
Analysis on Mist Countries

Selçuk Çağrı Esener
17. The Forgotten Unit of Income, Expenditure and Wealth
Chain: Remembering the Taxation of Wealth and Our Fight Against

Nilüfer Yörük
18. Social Perspectives of Gender-Based Discrimination
Perception: An Empirical Study on University Students

Hale Kirer Silva L. and Ruya Eser
19. Energy Consumption, Carbon Emissions and Income Inequality
in Turkey


ISBN: 978-3-631-80226-7
Subjects: Law, Economics and Management
Date of Publication: 2019

Length: 338