The Gender Gap in Global Labor Markets: Challenges and Obstacles

The Gender Gap in Global Labor Markets: Challenges and Obstacles

Edited By Meltem İNCE YENİLMEZ & Ufuk Bingöl

This book covers deep researches from different perspectives and disciplines upon women in labor markets by successful and expert researchers in their field. In this book, different and rigorous analyses of all areas influenced by
gender researches were made in order to be one of the new reliable sources about the women studies in labor markets with various dimensions.



Section 1 Conceptual Researches on Women in Labor Markets

Chapter 1

Women and Social Policy: An Evaluation of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations in Turkey in Terms of Postgraduate These

Chapter 2

Women Education and Women Employment

Section 2 Career-Based Researches for Women in Labor Markets

Chapter 3

Women’s Work and Careers under COVID-19: A Boundary Theory Perspective

Chapter 4

Female Managers in Academia: An Evaluation of the Universities in Turkey

Section 3 Parental Researches on Women in Labor Markets

Chapter 5

Parental Time Investment in Children: How Parents’ Education Affects Time Allocation

Chapter 6

Employment and Childcare Decisions of Women: An Empirical Analysis for Turkey

Section 4 Entrepreneurship and Women

Chapter 7

Women’s entrepreneurship and Youth Female Labor Force Participation in Turkey

Chapter 8

The Outlook of Home-Based Female Entrepreneurship in Academia in Turkey 

Section 5 Socioeconomic Issues and Women

Chapter 9

Effects of Public Spending on Poverty: An Empirical Application

Chapter 10

Female Labor Force Participation and Poverty: Evidence from Regions of Turkey

Chapter 11

Financialization and Labor

Chapter 12

Employment and Intimate Partner Violence against Women: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Violence Prevention Centers (SONIMs) in Turkey

Section 6  International Theoretical Researches on Gender Issues

Chapter 13

Regulations and Their Effectiveness to Prevent Gender Discrimination in the European Union Labor Market

Chapter 14

The Impact of Social Norms on Women’s Employment and Gender Policies in the Middle East

About Editors

Meltem I˙nce Yenilmez is an associate professor in the Department of Economics, Yasar University, Turkey. Her research interests range from gender inequality and discrimination policies in labor market to women empowerment and female labor force.

Ufuk Bingöl is assistant professor at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, Turkey. His main interests are qualitative data analysis on policy debates on social networks, economics and social sciences.

ISBN:  978-3-631-81791-9
DOI: 10.3726/b17832
Subjects: Law, Economics and Management
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October 27th, 2020

Length: xi + 314 pages