The Gender Gap in Global Labor Markets: Challenges and Obstacles

The Gender Gap in Global Labor Markets: Challenges and Obstacles

Gender and the Labor Market: Key Facts and the Trends in Equal Employment

A Comparative Perspective of Labor Market: Women’s Work and Working Women

A Look at Gender Gains and Gender Gaps in a Global Perspective: What is fair for Women?


The woman’s role in society has often been undervalued and relegated to the background. Even though opportunities are being increasingly made available for women in society, they are still at a great disadvantage. Years of thorough research has revealed how providing increased job opportunities in the labor market is important for the development of the economy of a republic. Of course, a country with very little participation of the female population in the labor market will have nothing but a stunted economic and social situation seeing that only half the population are actively contributing to its growth. This book focuses on the global labor market and how the present and future improvements of gender equality reflects unto it. It also contains the strategies and policies that have been created to combat gender discrimination in the labor market in order to provide equal opportunities to everybody irrespective of the gender or ethnic affiliations.
 The research in this book is based on statistically proven evidence, which has been generally accepted by local international organizations. Even though the attitude of many people and organizations alike to providing equal opportunities to both male and female has been largely affected by ethnic practices, religious beliefs and experience. In the light of the knowledge boom in this modern age, policies have to be made and strategies are drawn to promote gender equality and provide as many opportunities for women as men in the labor market.


This book will take as a case study the labor markets of both developed and developing countries and how gender equality is encouraged therein. It will also show how policies and strategies in developing economies can reduce gender discrimination regarding available employment opportunities. This book will further reveal developed practices (legal, social and economic) that will boost the growth of developing countries.
In all, this book will shine the spotlight on the present and future of the labor market and how gender equality affects and will affect its many fields such as economy, politics, law and sociology.

Target Audience

This book is targeted at getting intellectuals, specialists, political enthusiasts and many other members of the society to understand the trend of the labor market in countries. Understanding the past, present and future will help in creating an ideal environment where discussions will be held to correctly fine-tune policies that will firmly establish gender equality and eliminate all traces of gender discrimination for the continual growth of social and economic wealth of countries.

Central Themes

Below are the central themes that will be the focus of this book:
Opportunities in the Labor Market
The Workplace and the Discrimination of Gender
Evaluating Policies
Occupation and Welfare
Women and Children’s Health
The Demand for Labor
The General Effects of Inequalities
The Education of Gender
The Labor Market and the Results of Migration
Empowering Women Politically, Economically and Socially
Discrimination in Gender Earning
Social Policies and Welfare Regimes
How Inequality Affects Education
The Labor Market and the Representation of Gender
Government and Gender Budgeting
Human Capital Investment
Performances and Attached Incentives
The Rate of Involvement of Women in the Labor Force
 Gender and Economic Effects
The Growth of Technology
The Inequalities of Gender Income
Labor Market and Gender Distribution
How the Labor Market Functions
Gender Inequity and Its Effect on the Labor Market
How Gender Differences Reflect In the Job Search
Countries and Their Employment Structure
Academia and Gender Equality
Gender Equality and Pension Restructuring
The Societal Views on Female Entrepreneurship
The Protection of Employment
The Yields of Education
Gender Distribution Effects of Modified Liberalism On Employment
Gender and Its Impact on the Economy
The Policy of Pay
Labor Market: The Impacts of Gender and Culture
Divisions in the Labor Market
Career Options and the Influence of Gender Categorization
Local Economies and Funding
Misconducts in the Labor Market
Homes and Marriage
Discrimination and Its Increasing Problems
The Economy and Families

Core Focus Topics

Education and Gender Equality
Labor Market: The Chasm in Gender Wages
The Woman In The Place Of Work
Entrepreneurship and the Impact of Gender Equality
Job Discrimination on the Rise
Empowering the Woman Economically and Other Comprehensive Categories
The Woman: Equality in Policies and Job Opportunities
Gender Discrimination As It Reflects In Rural and Urban Jobs


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