The World Between Fear and Hope: Current Security Issues in International Relations

The World Between Fear and Hope: Current Security Issues in International Relations




Section I

Betül Özyılmaz Kiraz
Chapter 1 An Analysis of Causes, Process and Consequences of Securitization

Ertan Efegil
Chapter 2 Terrorism as a New Threat

Çiğdem Aydın Koyuncu
Chapter 3 A Feminist Analysis of Nuclear Armament's Impact, Actors and Discourse

Ayça Eminoğlu and Anıl Çağlar Erkan
Chapter 4 A Vague Concept on the Basis of International Relations: Energy Security

Senem Atvur
Chapter 5 Climate Change: An Existential Threat to Humanity

Ceren Uysal Oğuz
Chapter 6 Securitization of Immigration: The Case of Trump's Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Zerrin Ayşe Öztürk
Chapter 7 Human Trafficking as a Human Security Issue: The Case of Trafficking in Women and Children

Sanem Özer
Chapter 8 The Impact of China's Fishing Policy on Human Security in West Africa

Section 2

Fatma Anıl Öztop
Chapter 9 Intra-State Conflicts: A Conceptual Analysis

Sami Kiraz
Chapter 10 Analysis of Changing Security Strategies of States in the Context of Balancing Policy

Emre Çıtak
Chapter 11 Nationalisation Tendency in Defense Industry and Turkey's Domestic and National Defense Industry Policy

Mehmet Halil Mustafa Bektaş and Talip Alan
Chapter 12 Appraising Reasons for Participation of NGOs in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security

Altuğ Günar and Oğuz Güner
Chapter 13 Cybersecurity in the European Union: Dimensions and Institutional Mechanism

Sezgin Kaya
Chapter 14 Fight Agaisnt Terrorism as an European Union Policy

Şerife Özkan Nesimioğlu
Chapter 15 Struggle for Permanent Structured Cooperation for the European Union Security

ISBN: 978-3-631-80693-7
Subjects: Law, Economics and Management
Date of Publication: 2019

Lenght: 260